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New Jersey Future Statement on ARC/TTF Funding

September 20, 2010

New Jersey Future issued the following statement today in response to the news that the Christie Administration is considering using money committed to the ARC tunnel to instead reauthorize the state’s Transportation Trust Fund:

“This morning at a hearing of the Assembly Transportation Committee, New Jersey Transit Executive Director acknowledged that the Christie Administration has discussed diverting state money that is currently dedicated to the ARC tunnel project to reauthorize the Transportation Trust Fund, which will run out of money next year. Such an action would not only jeopardize the most important infrastructure project in New Jersey in generations; it would be another in a long line of short-term band-aids for the Trust Fund, one that will diminish New Jersey’s ability to maintain and improve our vital transportation infrastructure. It’s time that we recognize the key role our transportation system plays in bringing prosperity to our state and commit to both funding the ARC Tunnel and providing a long-term, sustainable funding source for the Transportation Trust Fund.”

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  1. Andy B from Jersey permalink
    September 20, 2010 7:35 pm

    Doesn’t anybody in the Christie Administration understand that they should be looking at the ARC Project as a big straw that allows New Jersey residents to siphon off the wealth being generated in New York City!!!

    The harder it is to commute to NYC via NJ Transit, the more people will simply look to live in the city and avoid the hassle all together. The only thing NJ TRANSIT and the New Jersey state tax office has going for it is the abysmal service news coming from the LIRR.

  2. September 22, 2010 9:39 am

    Transportation waowwww. nice word

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